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Our coupling products range from gear, grid, jaw, elastomer, disc, and universal joints, as well as almost every conceivable engineered or made-to-order coupling you require.

Barrel Couplings
Barrel couplings consist of a sleeve and a hub having the same tooth profiles. A series of hardened steel cylindrical barrels are inserted in the holes formed by the hub and sleeve teeth to act as power transmission elements. Barrel couplings are primarily used in crane and hoist applications.
Chain Couplings
Chain couplings are a rugged, yet lightweight economical method for connecting two shafts. They consist of two sprockets connected by a length of standard double roller chain, permitting easy installation, alignment, and maintenance.
Disc Couplings
Disc couplings have the highest speed and temperature ratings of all coupling types, transmitting torque and accommodating misalignment between the driver and driven equipment through lubrication-free, metallic discs.
Driveshaft Couplings
Driveshaft couplings are essential components for transmitting power in various industrial applications, including pumps, compressors, generators, and vehicles. They are available in various sizes, materials, and configurations to meet specific application requirements, and provide reliable, durable, and efficient power transmission.
Elastomeric Jaw and Wrap Couplings
Jaw and wrap couplings are material flexing couplings that transmits torque through compression of an elastomeric spider insert placed between two intermeshing jaws.
Elastomeric Tire Couplings
Elastomeric tire couplings are non-lubricated, material-flexing and can be used in a variety of environments. They provide excellent vibration-damping capability, high-misalignment capacity, and reduced maintenance costs and downtime.
Flange Couplings
Flange couplings feature high torsional stiffness and resonance-free operation. Ideally suited for hydrostatic driven construction equipment, lower-horsepower applications are easily handled. They are built from shock-resistant glass-fiber reinforced plastic.
Fluid Couplings
Fluid couplings are torque-limiting, which helps protect rotating equipment from damage caused by torque overload. It is a safety device that can be used in various applications, including mining, material handling, and power generation.
Gear Couplings
Gear couplings transmit the highest amount of torque in the smallest diameter of any flexible coupling. Each coupling has two hubs with crowned external gear teeth. The hubs mesh with two internally splined flanged sleeves that are bolted together
Gear Spindles
Gear spindles are custom designed for a particular application. High-strength alloyed steels and nitriding or carburizing surface hardening allow them to transmit high torque with high misalignment.
Grid Couplings
Grid couplings consist of two flanged hubs with slots to accept the serpentine mechanical flexible element. Grid couplings function as a resilient coupling, dampening torsional vibration and shock load.
Locking Assemblies & Shrink Discs
Locking devices secure rotating shafts, manage torque transmission, and counteract shaft bending and vibration. Shrink discs clamp the equipment by using compressive force over diameter of the equipment to the shaft.
Rigid Couplings
Non-flexible rigid couplings are used to join two shafts within a motor or mechanical system or to connect two separate systems. A rigid coupling may also be added between shafts to reduce shock and wear at the point where the shafts meet.
Shaft Guards
Shaft guards help protect workers from rotating hazards and help protect rotating equipment from external and environmental damage.
Torque Limiters
Our torque limiters offer bidirectional protection, which lowers total cost of ownership, increases accuracy of torque limitation, and extends equipment life at high speeds.
Torsionally Soft Couplings
The range of highly flexible, torsionally soft couplings by CENTA feature natural rubber (silikon for higher temperatures) elements which damp harmful vibrations and extend equipment life.
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